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Design & Color Consultations

Whether you seek general design advice or specific color recommendations, Bonae Interiors is here to assist you. Our design and color consultations offer you invaluable access to an interior designer who will help you enhance your understanding of the space and discover the best way to elevate your interiors.

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Discovery Call

After you contact Bonae Interiors, often via phone, email, or an online form, to request a consultation we will personally connect with you to schedule a Discovery Call. This opens the project conversations and allows both the designer and yourself to understand your goals and the design process. 



After you complete the Discovery Call you will receive a pre-consultation questionnaire to gather key project details and a scheduling link to use to schedule the Consultation Walk-Through. We will confirm the appointment details with you the week of the consultation.

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Walk - Through

The initial walk-through involves the designer meeting with you to establish rapport and gain insights into your requirements, preferences, lifestyle, and budget, listening attentively to your ideas, concerns, and vision for the space while delving into your preferences regarding colors, styles, functionality, and any specific challenges you may be facing.


Follow-Up / Proposal 

Follow-up communication is vital to keep us aligned with your goals and address any questions or concerns promptly after our initial consultation. Depending on your interest, we will curate a proposal with a clearly defined scope of work outlining how we can best service you and your space and move forward with the design plans. 

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