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Next Marketing Center

Project Type

Interior Design Renderings


November 2021

This Marketing Center was designed to create an atmosphere where the employees and guests will feel comfortable, welcomed and excited to enter. Within this space the JLO Beauty Brand would be proudly represented therefore the design of the space reflects Jennifer Lopez and her beauty line.
As you enter the Lobby you will be greeted by the Receptionist, as you continue straight the Sales, Marketing, and CEO offices are located to the right along with the Project room. The Large Meeting room, Café, and Retail Mock space are centrally located. On the left side of the building the Finance and Operations Offices are located along with the Small Meeting rooms and the Parent's room. When you come around the final left corner you will see the Resource Center and the Relax room that the space entails. Revit was used to design the space. Check out the cohesive designs!

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